Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Sunday and 'the Honeymoon's Over...

Today is the day my youngest daughter comes home from her honeymoon to New Zealand....I've heard from her prior to their leaving that country...then they flew to Australia. From there they flew to Los Angeles and got in there this morning. They had a rather long layover in California, but were able to switch to an earlier as I'm writing this, they are probably pulling into their drive.

I went over there earlier today with a batch of teeny-tiny lemon cupcakes with a lemon buttercream with freshly grated zest. The cupcake batter had ground almonds in it, so it turned out to be really different and quite good! I also made them a pan of turkey/spinach lasagna to have when they get in....they'll probably be able to smell the spices as soon as they come into the house. I've heard small bits about their trip---a 3-day canoe trip with overnight camping, a 3-day hiking trip to places where they filmed movies, a cruise through the fiords, the shotover jet boat, snorkeling, hiking the glacier, and so much more. What a wonderful set of memories to have forever....

The land search we went on yesterday didn't fit "IT" but it was interesting seeing what is out there right now and what is STILL out there a year later after we've looked before. The economy is still not quite on the move up yet. I did land upon a small farm that caught our eyes. I'll stew about a bit and see how I feel in a day or two. For now, I've got the worker guys coming in the morning and I'm not looking forward to the mess nor the problems they'll encounter.

And, this cute lab will be going home....I'll miss her!! My middle daughter had a blind date for lunch; he's 'not the one' but it's always so fun hearing her stories about how things went.....
We're both talking about a trip to California---maybe we can't wait til our annual summer trip....
Here'a a picture of her last year......and Sherry, you can guess where it was taken!
One of the things we LOVE to do is visit antique shops....we came across a room full of old hats and handbags...what fun!!  Sometimes, we both feel as if we should have been born in an earlier era!


  1. It sounds like the kids had tons of adventures in NZ...bungee jumping included?? Can't wait to hear all about it!! Best of luck tomorrow with the demolition/construction...know it will be better than before and hoping the ins co pays the bill!

    Oh, your baking sounds so yummy...mmmmmmm!

    Let's see, the locale just might be Old Towne Orange?? -smile- Middle daughter looks so darling in this hat!! Love & hugs, Sherry xx

  2. Sherry wins with her answer: Old Town Orange!!! Yes, indeed and I'm yearning to go back!!

  3. Lovely Post Joann & looking forward to hearing more about the trip of a lifetime when they are ready! It will be down to earth with a bump, I guess...but that yummy sounding lasagne & cupcakes will sweeten the blow! Hope all goes well with the's a horrible time. We're just steeling ourselves to start remodelling the London flat. I'm not looking forward to it. Love to you sweetie xoxo


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