Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Come with me on a Tour....

Even though we live in a log home, I'm not all 'western' and country....there's some German, some English....Victorian in me.  I love some antiques, but it is the eclectic combination of things that makes it all home for me.  So, I just went around the house and started taking some pictures of things here and there that are quite 'me.'  So.....come on along and I'll tell you the story:

This is the lamp on the nightstand in the guest bedroom.  I call it 'the bed and breakfast room' because I change it up for the seasons and holidays and unless someone is staying in there, it's almost almost 'perfect.'  It's the one place in the house that is always pretty and I just love walking by the room and peeking in!
On the nightstand is a guest a bed and breakfast, with a 'log' pen, of course! The photograph is of my beloved pet Moose and my step-daughter, who is now 20 and in college.  She is the youngest in this family of 5 children.....On the switch of the light hangs a tassle--I love these, too...whimsical little things that give a bit of character and well, 'whimsy' to just about anything!

a bit of lace is here there and everywhere, too!  This little piece is heart-shaped and the lamp is a real log made into a lamp....I don't LOVE the lamp, however.  Maybe 2011 will bring a new one to this spot!

Next up is a photograph with a big story behind make it quick, I had scheduled an appointment with a photographer for my 3 daughters to be photographed in vintage wear to make the picture appear of another era.  I was driving my middle and youngest daughter and my oldest daughter was meeting us there.  We ran a bit late and my oldest daughter said, when we arrived, that because we were late, she refused to be in the photograph.  How sad is that?  She's the one with a bit of a we made the best of it, but I do wish I had all three of them in this was really quite fun!
Two of my 3 daughters in 'olden-time' outfits....
Next is also in the 'bed and breakfast room.'  There is a little shelf in there, and on that shelf are a number of things.  My mother gave me this antique banjo.  It is no longer 'playable,' but I have it up there, along with this coffee pot from Germany and a Susan Branch votive holder in her famous Lenox tea pattern.  If anyone bumps that shelf, however, I may get cross.  So good!
a bit of a collection....things I cherish
 One of the things I LOVE to do is create floral arrangements from dried flowers, artificial flowers, and willow branches and such.  I made this arched wreath over the hall doorway that leads down to the two bedrooms that are on the main level.  It's been hanging in this spot for 8 years now....I'm still not tired of it, so I guess it will stay for awhile longer!  :)
I love the way the logs are cut in this spot of the house
Next up: BEARS!  I love Moose and Bears....and these two are 'dating' right now as Valentine's Day approaches.  The one with the red heart has been tucked away in a box of Valentine's things...the heart says, "You Stole my Heart."  These are also on the little shelf in the guest room, atop some of my favorite books:
I read Celestine Prophecy long ago...but have never forgotten its message:  There are NO chance encounters!
The next photograph is taken in my 'craft' room...this is where my computer is and all my fabric, yarn, flowers, etc.  This little spot on the dresser in there has a willow basket, a large pitcher (from Susan Branch) that is filled with eucalyptus, lavendar and dried roses....all from my garden.  The little angel fairy is just there for the winter....she'll get tucked away somewhere as the days grow longer.
Behind the angel is one of my MANY copies of the book: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breadnach; I have a copy of her book in nearly every room of my house....for me, it's inspiration!
Next is a lamp that is next to that little scene above.  I don't usually have many lamps with little things dangling from the shade, but it fits in this creative space that I'm still working on.  Again, a tassle hangs from the light switch.....just call me Miss Whimsy!
silly little things I find that go here and there
Well, that's it for today's tour.  I hope you enjoyed it---I can't dwell on the 'tearing down' of things upstairs.  I know it's all for a reason....and it could have been so much worse.  When I think of the devastation in Brazil and in Australia, a little water in my kitchen is nothing!  


  1. Well hello Miss Whimsy! I loved the peek at your beautiful home...hope I see it for real some day! Love to you sweetie xox Rachel

  2. I guess I had the same idea, Miss Whimsy, but Rachel beat me to it! Delight in decorating and delight in life make it sweeter!! I so appreciate the glimpse into your charming home, Joann! I bought many Boyd's bears for Mom who adored them, too. Let me know how the dating couple progress. They are so cute and I would hate to think of them breaking up! Loving the blog!! Always, Sherry

  3. Oh I loved the glimpse into your lovely home... I too have some Boyd's bears and just love them..
    The pictures of your daughters are so adoreable...

    xoxo Gert

  4. Joann,
    Thank you for taking us on this lovely tour! It was so nice to get a sneek peek into your home and see all the pretty things that inspire you daily. I have never been inside a log home...I'm sure all who stay in the bed and breakfast room are lucky duckies indeed! Beautiful! xoxo

  5. Loved getting to know you better through this post and sharing a glimpse of your favorite things. They're the kind of things that make home HOME and warm the heart.

    I loved Simple Abundance but haven't read it for years. You're making me think that it might be time for a re-read!


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