Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Review

I wait all year for Christmas!!  It has always held special meaning for me- it was a time to 'make special' to make joyful, and for family and friends to come together, bake, sing, an only child growing up, Christmas was a time of being with adults since most of my friends were spending time with their families, but it didn't matter.  It was what I knew and the excitement of the season was palpable.

My German mother brought the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve to our how do you surprise a little girl and get presents under the tree on Christmas Eve?  You take her out to look at the Christmas lights!!  To this day, it was one of the 'most fun' things we do around town---just drive around and look at the lights!  I hope the tradition never goes feels so 'happy' to me....I love to see how everyone does it, what colors they use, what yard things they place.  I know the whole world doesn't celebrate Christmas, but the customs around this holy time are incredibly important to me.

My youngest daughter's guiding light: Polaris
We're watching her(the dog) while she (my daughter) and her new hubby are on their honeymoon

Middle daughter stretching out on sofa and looking through my collection of Susan Branch cookbooks

A gift from Pennsylvania from a dear new friend...handmade gifts are delightful, aren't they?

Bakikng little cookies- some filled with apricots; others filled with chocolate

'stuffed grandma' on sofa downstairs....and Moose Ranch sign from my oldest daughter

granddaughters enjoying Christmas morning in their pj's

Visiting my mom prior to Christmas and baking cookies together in our robes!

Grandpa holding the 'girlies' and giving them bumpy rides on his lap

Middle daughter opening a vintage necklace I got her from Old Town orange antique store

Our Tree 2010

Vintage plates, glassware, quilted runner....I love mixing and matching

Everyone in their jammies! Youngest daughter opens one of her gifts on Christmas morning

Middle daughter gets a frame from one of her sisters

Santa leaves some big boxes on the front porch!

Lots of snacks for everyone to help themselves on between meals

Youngest daughter, new husband, and granddaughter

Oldest daughter and her husband....examines a pretty package

Middle daughter rolls out dough for German baking lesson

Kitchen table set with Christmas colors
Well, we didn't get snow for Christmas Day but we have snow on the ground now and it is bitter cold!! But the days are slowly, bit by bit, getting longer, and I can feel the bulbs in the ground resting and readying themselves for my itchy garden fingers!! I will enjoy January today and all through the month.  I will start back to exercising; I will organize the Christmas things in correct bins and boxes, and I will make sure thank you notes all go out this very first week.  It is a time of renewal and it is also a time of reflection and restructuring.  January is a GREAT month for getting things done!!

Sisters playing with their new toys....reminds me of my own girls!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and that the blessings of the holiday season lifted your spirits and filled you with light and love.  Take extra care of yourselves right now---it's flu season and a time for feeling 'low' after the holidays are behind us.  Don't let sad/bad/regret feelings get inside you--look at today, your life, your beating heart and LIVE joyfully!!


  1. Ah Joann! Gorgeous happy family pictures. I love them! Good to see a little peek of beautiful you too in there! The happiest of New Years to you all. It's been wonderful getting to know you over 2010 & I can't wait to find out more in 2011! LOVE to you sweetheart xoxo Rachel

  2. Oh I love your pictures. You inspire me to do a better job of documenting family gatherings. It might have been freezing outside but it sure looked warm and cozy inside. Glad to have you in my life Joann, it's a pleasure.

  3. Dearest Joann, what a cozy, sweet home with all the family in Moose Lodge!! You are so sweet to share this with us and how lucky you were to have the whole family with you on Christmas morning!!! Hoping that 2011 brings you and yours wonderful, exciting joys!!! With much love, Sherry xx

  4. You ladies are wonderfully dear to me!! I just LOVE having you all in my life and I truly hope we continue to be friends! The happiest of New Years to you!!

  5. Loved reading your blog post! Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas together!! Your pictures are gorgeous. Love the robes, Christmas decorations, cookies...all of it really. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Happy January sweetie. Rosinda xo

  6. Happy new year to you! This post is filled with so many of my favorite things. :) I'm glad you had a sweet Christmas.


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