Holidays, 2015

Holidays, 2015
A Winter Scene - red door, a dusting of snow, and a vintage bicycle

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Rocky Mountains from my Window and from a COLD walk this morning

It's really really cold outside.....I mean, for Fahrenheit, it's ZERO degrees right now.  I don't know how the birds are managing, but somehow my treats keep them coming and I'm not about to stop feeding them now...they are counting on me, right?

If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely ADORE Christmas.  Each and every year, I put out so much Christmas stuff that, like Easter eggs, I sometimes find a bauble or two well into June that I missed in my collecting and stashing away process.  I've been super busy working on organizing my Christmas things this year and getting them properly stored away.  Greenery in this bucket and stuffed 'creatures,' as I call them, in another.  Most things are truly put away, BUT the Christmas tree stands tall in the corner of the great room in our home.  There have been some pretty lean times in my life---another story for another time and by no means do I have money to pitter away with now.  I've been an educator most of my lifetime and worked weekends as well to make ends meet, but Christmas has always had a feeling of plenty for me.  I never spoiled my daughters throughout the year.  They got a few new clothes for the new school year and there was always food on the table, but I saved all year bits for Christmas and by golly, there were presents under the tree.  Each pair of socks, underwear and pj's were wrapped separately, and each package had a bow.  ( I save the ribbon year to year ) and food?  yes, cookies and jams and a turkey and lots of buttery mashed potatoes.  Sarah Ban Breathnach would call it Simple Abundance.  It is one of my favorite books....a collection of daily inspirations that helps one to count their blessings each and every day.  If you'd like to visit her website, please go to: 

My kitchen right now is in a tizzy.....the restoration people won't be here until tomorrow---but I'm feeling at peace with the world right now and my tree is going to stay up all week long with the snow as its backdrop.  I've got my Valentine's things in the 'works' right now.  This weekend, a lovely little package arrived from someone far away....little Christmas gifts that took their time coming, even though they were mailed well before the fun!! Christmas just keeps coming!!

The mantle has been cleaned and polished and it's ready for the red and pink to grace its shiny face.....but this blog is about the snow and the fact that for at least another few days, my Christmas tree will stay in the corner of the room, twinkling in 2011!  I hope you enjoy.....the mountains, the snow, the barn next door, and the pines heavy with the newly fallen snow.  Happy New Year!!

looking toward southwest- you can see Rocky Mountains 14 ers as they are called- peak that are above 14 thousand ft

I love how the pine trees hold the large clumps of snowy whiteness

the foothills and the mountains beyond

looking across the pasture to our neighbor's barn

a good shot of snowy peaks- it'snot always this clear

looking to southeast-a lake in the distance

our pond- quite different than from a few days ago

Well bloomin' geraniums!!!! They don't know it's winter!

Our mailbox- we put little 'wreaths' on it this year

there are little 'windows' on this side with wreaths, but I couldn't pry the snow away to show you

my daughter's dog Polaris on the snowy walk with me this morning---we're watching her while daughter is on honeymoon! She is named after the North Star because daughter said that dog is her guiding light....she's 8

back behind house looking west

one of our bluebird houses

back behind house---lots of trees for birdies to hide in

snowy wonderful-ness! goal for 2011
simplify, simplify, simplify



  1. Joann, I love this looking at landscapes so different from ours's all so beautiful & American (no other word for it!!) And proof perfect we're kindred spirits - I love Sarah Ban Breathnach too & read a new chapter of 'Romancing the Ordinary' each month! So good to know you and share your mountains xo Rachel

  2. Joann your post is timely and pictures so breath taking. Love how beautiful our country is and how each region has it's own special beauty. Thank you for sharing what you see each day. It brings us a little closer.
    The picture of vegetables is wonderful and I love the french breakfast radishes. I've been trying to find them in farmers mrkts here but think I'll grown some this year. Love their mild spicy flavor.

  3. Oh these pictures are just amazing! Love the view of your mountains! What a lovely place to live! Glad you are still enjoying you Christmas tree as we are..

    xoxo Gert

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous landscape you have around you, Joann!!!!! Space, what a precious commodity here in LA! You lucky duck!! Thank you for your lovely made my day, honey! Love and hugs, Sherry

  5. Love the simple abundance theme of this post. I'm with you in wanting to simplify in 2011. It's my goal every year. The snow is just beautiful and I love the way the geraniums appear to be peeking out at it, most likely with relief that they're safe inside.


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